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People often say “you need to winterize your hose bibs”. While it may be a simple thing for some, many people way wonder what this means.

First of all “hose bib” and “spigot” are basically the same thing. They are the exterior water taps on your home. So how do you winterize them.

Well, that part is simple. First, turn the water off to the hose bibs on the interior. Then, turn all of the valves on the exterior fully on. The second step is important because it empties any residual water that may freeze.

So why is this important? If water in a hose bib freezes, then the pipe and/or hose bib itself will likely break and spray water on the exterior and/or interior of the home – creating an expensive mess.

But all of this is a good example of why frost free hose bibs are a good thing – because as long as they are working they don’t need to be winterized. But a note on that, you still need to disconnect all hoses from a frost free hose bib.

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