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In line with our theme this month on wells, we wanted to give our home buyers and overview of  what to look out for with your well water.

When you install a private well or purchase a home with one, you hold full responsibility so we have compiled a list of steps you can take. Firstly, your water should be tested every so often to ensure that it is free from all contaminants. According to experts, this should be once a year and contain pH testing as well as nitrates, coliform bacteria, and total dissolved solids. When testing drinking water, a state-certified lab should be chosen. Contact us for this part and we will be happy to help.

Although we said once a year, there may be occasions that call for more than this including if someone in the house is pregnant, if neighbors have found contaminants in their water supply, if your family are experiencing unexplained illnesses, if your water changes in taste, if you make modifications or repairs to your well, or if there is an accident containing fuels or chemicals nearby.

In the next step to keeping your water safe, you should identify any potential problems that may exist. Therefore, a local consultant is a good starting point; as long as they know your area and the various departments and agents, they should be able to provide a good deal of help. Also, you need to be aware of what is going on around you because new constructions may affect your water system. If you don’t always travel about town, check online or in your local newspaper for the latest construction projects.

Finally, keep note of any hearing or zoning appeals for projects that are planned for your area. If possible, see if you can even attend these hearings or meetings so you can ask exactly how you will be affected. After asking how your water will be impacted, they should let you know their plans in full detail.

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