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During the inspection, there are key areas that we pay special attention to. The roof in the house is very important for many reasons, but an area that goes hand in hand with the defects that we find in the roof area is the attic. It is an important factor in getting to know your house better when we focus on different areas of the attic.

While starting to go into the attic the first thing we would want to know is how to get up there. Is there and access ladder? Is there a door to be able to get in? Another common problem we have when going into the attic is if there are obstacles with moving around in the roof area. Many times we see insulation, and many times this insulation is blocking access in some way to the areas that we need to be inspected in the attic. There could also be storage items like boxes or furniture that can hinder access.

Once we get there, however, what are we looking for? Well, we could get an idea of the shape and condition of the roof from the attic. We could also get to know the wiring of the house if they are exposed in the attic. One major defect we could see in the attic is if there is excessive moisture in the house. This moisture could be caused by the faulty roof or sometimes it could be improper ventilation coming from the bathroom.

So in short, if your house has an attic, we want to see it.

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