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While we often take it for granted that we will have a continuous supply of clean water to our home, we don’t always stop to consider where our water is coming from. We all know how important it is to our good health and wellbeing, so what are some of the things we should know about it?


Where does our water come from?


Most of the time, heavily populated places like towns and cities, likely have a reservoir, lake or river as their water source. This is what is known as a surface water source. It’s likely to be some miles away from the area it actually supplies.


While it is important to consider the body of water itself to determine if it is good for drinking, it’s also equally important to consider the land that surrounds it. For example, what is it used for? Is it farmland or more industrial? This surrounding area is referred to as the water shed.


What if you are living in a less inhabited, more rural area? Your water supply is most probably from a different source like a well. The well water is normally supplied by a natural underground reservoir or aquifer. Although they are underground, the surroundings of these wells also need to be considered.


Perhaps you would like to learn more about your homes water source. The best way to do this is to contact your homes water supplier. Every community water supplier has to make available their annual report to its customers, so don’t feel bad about asking. The report will inform you as to where your water comes from, and also any contaminates that are found in it.


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