What is Included in My Home Inspections

home inspectionsA good home inspector such as myself will work hard to go over every inch of the home, making sure that it is  sound structurally, mechanically, and in good working order. If there is something that is not right, or unsafe, I make make sure that what needs to be corrected is well documented in your home inspection report. I also recommend what types of specialists are best for which tasks.

As your home inspector, I will do a thorough review of the following components in your home:

Structural home inspection– foundation and framing – how the home is settling, water issues, air escape issues, wood destroying pests
Exterior home inspection– from the house itself to railings, porches and driveways
Roof home inspection – makes sure it is in good working order (shingles in tact, no water build up, slope is true)
Plumbing home inspection – makes sure system was correctly installed and/or is safe (no leaks or incorrect installations)
Electrical home inspection – makes sure it was installed correctly and is safe, from the electric panel to junction boxes and outlets
Heating home inspection – makes sure water is moving correctly throughout the home, including ductwork, no water or moisture problems, no physical damage to system
Air Conditioning home inspection – makes sure air is moving correctly throughout the home, including ductwork, no water or moisture build up, no physical damage to system
Interior home inspection – looking for damage caused by anything from water to insects
Ventilation home inspection – of air and moisture throughout the home, including looking at insulation
Fireplaces home inspection – the entire structure from chimney to flue to how the heat is leaving the fireplace

And after the home inspection I will provide you with a detailed home inspection report on what I found during your home inspection. Questions afterward? Contact me any time and I will be happy to help!

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