TermiteThe RWS Termite Protection Plan is offered by Residential Warranty Services, Inc., in cooperation with your Home Inspector. For a period of 90 Days following the inspection, RWS will cover the cost to treat for new termite and carpenter ant infestations in accordance with this policy. Thereafter, it is at the option of the policy holder to extend this coverage at a monthly expense as low as $14.97, which will be offered by RWS to the policy holder prior to the expiration of the policy. Pricing varies by size of home and location. The RWS Termite Protection Plan covers treatment as described herein. Anything not specifically described as “covered” is excluded. This warranty applies only to the address listed on the limited warranty certificate, and only covers treatments as described for the benefit of the party listed on the limited warranty certificate. This warranty and all related disputes shall be interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of Hamilton County in the State of Indiana without reference to, and regardless of, any applicable choice or conflicts of laws principles. Your inspector has inspected the property noted on the limited warranty certificate, and has determined the current status of wood destroying pests. A written report of those findings has been delivered to the policy holder. During the 90-Day Protection Period (or as long as the policy is in place should the policy holder elect to extend the coverage), if termites or carpenter ants are visually observed by the policy holder, RWS will pay the cost of having the infestation treated, as deemed necessary by RWS, less a $250 deductible. Coverage only applies to the treatment of termites and carpenter ants, excluding any Formosan species of termite, powder post beetles, carpenter bees, or any other form of wood destroying insect/pest. This limited warranty applies only to chemical treatment, as deemed necessary by RWS to properly control the applicable termites and carpenter ants. If the structure cannot safely and effectively be treated in the opinion of RWS, RWS shall refund any and all fees paid by the policy holder or pay the deductible of any other termite plan that may be in place, whichever is less. The policy holder agrees to notify RWS by telephone and in writing of any potential infestation and allow a company representative or representative of a pest control operator of RWS choosing access to the property to evaluate these items prior to commencement of any corrective action. Any treatment or corrective action taken without informing RWS will result in the policy holder being denied coverage for that infestation. RWS is not responsible for fees associated with post treatment inspection. RWS does not cover the cost of baiting systems or maintenance of baiting systems, or any infestation resultant from an inactive baiting system. This warranty does not cover consequential and/or secondary damages; hidden, latent, or concealed damages; all cosmetic damages and/or any damages visible or not visible at the time of the original inspection; infestations in structures other than the primary dwelling; infestations in fences, barns, tool sheds or car ports; changes, alterations, remodeling or additions made to the building after the date of the inspection; costs incidental to treatment such as storage costs or hotel fees; damage resultant from an infestation.

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